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Obama: 150,000 road jobs: ‘Shovel ready’

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Posted March 3, 2009 11:20 AM
by Mark Silva

President Barack Obama claimed today that 150,000 jobs will be created or saved by the end of next year with the road-building provisions of the $787-billion economic stimulus that he signed.

“We are seeing shovels hit the ground,” Obama said in an appearance this morning at the Department of Transportation.

The number of jobs that will be created or saved by the highway construction program will exceed the number of jobs lost during the past three years by the Big-Three automakers, Ford, Chrysler and General Motors, combined, Obama said.

The Obama administration maintains that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will create or save 3.5 million jobs overall by the end of next year.

The president’s pitch for the jobs that his plan promises comes as the Department of Labor prepares to release, on Friday, a new picture of joblessness in America. In January, the unemployment rate rose to 7.6 percent, the highest level since 1993, up from 7.2 percent the month before.

Yet Obama is promising no immediate turnaround in the economy. The president today acknowledged the precipitous slide in Gross Domestic Product during the fourth quarter of 2008 – a 6.2-percent falloff in the economy – and allowed that the first quarter of 2009 holds little promise of better returns.

But the road-building money in the stimulus bill should l pay immediate dividends in forestalling worse joblessness in the months ahead, the White House maintains.

“Transportation projects that were once on hold are now starting up again as part of the largest new investment in America’s infrastructure since President Eisenhower built the interstate highway system,” the president said today at the DOT, appearing alongside Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

Some of the jobs are attributable to direct spending by the government on roads, bridges, schools, and other infrastructure, the White House says.

Part of that is the $28 billion dedicated for highway construction, with the money allocated to states offering “shovel-ready” projects.

“It is also worth noting that jobs in highway construction tend to pay better than average,” the White House said in a written statement.

“The typical, or median hourly wage for all jobs in the economy was $15.10 in 2007,” the White House said, citing Bureau of Labor statistics. “But for workers in the highway industry, the typical hourly wage was $18.31, a premium of over $3 per hour over the economy-wide median wage. ”

The government’s direct spending on construction of new roads and repair of older roads will provide for work for those who could have lost it due to spending cuts, the White House says — about 95,000 of the estimated jobs.

The secondary impact comes from what workers will have to spend on groceries, clothing and other goods, the White House maintains – an impact that promises an estimated 55,000 jobs.

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