#NCGA Candidate Touts Arrest Record In Email Push

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She might get her wittle feeling huhrt. She may have to go to her safe space


A candidate for the North Carolina General Assembly recently sent out an email touting her arrest at a Moral Monday in 2013.

092616-ferrell-mm-email-picJennifer Ferrell (D) is running against Nelson Dollar (R) for the district 36 house seat. In 2013, Ferrell made an unsuccessful bid for an Apex town council seat.

On September 26th, Ferrell sent out an email spotlighting the arrest and included a picture of her holding up an incoherent protest sign (See image).

In the email sent out by Ferrell, she says that, “As a woman, a mother to young children, and a concerned citizen, it was important to me to stand for justice and personal freedom for all.”

The email also says that Ferrell,  “will serve every constituent in every corner of this district with integrity.”

Well, for almost every constituent.

This site was likely lucky to get the email. In August, it was revealed that Ms. Ferrell has

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NC High School Issues Reminder After Questionable Trump-Hitler Lesson

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First they cry out about Equity and Fairness. Then they destroy only one political candidate but not others. So much for fairness.


Last week, this site reported on a high school English teacher’s controversial lessons involving comparisons between Presidential candidate, Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler.

National and international outlets, such as FOX News and The Daily Mail UK, picked up the story.

In the wake of these lessons, this site has obtained an email that went out to staff at the school. The email reminds staff of the district policies on politics in the classroom, stating that, “There are some places that personal, political viewpoints do not belong.”

Parents tell this site that the principal of Cedar Ridge High has assured them that the teacher, Amanda Harder, has been spoken to and also had district policy number 7700 reiterated to her. The principal has indicated that the English II class should proceed with the approved curriculum and that there should be no more biased discussions on political candidates.

A parent tells…

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NC English Teacher: Only White Male Christians Are Safe From Trump [Audio]

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English lessons in one North Carolina high school included questionable characterizations of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, as well as commentary about Republicans and FOX news. Audio of the …

Source: NC English Teacher: Only White Male Christians Are Safe From Trump [Audio]

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Think Progress: We’ve found some global warming!

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Watts Up With That?

Original image: Man at bridge holding head with hands and screaming Original image: Man at bridge holding head with hands and screaming. By Edvard Munch – WebMuseum at ibiblioPage: http://www.ibiblio.org/wm/paint/auth/munch/Image URL: http://www.ibiblio.org/wm/paint/auth/munch/munch.scream.jpg, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37610298

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Think Progress is crowing that “even deniers” confirm an average satellite measured temperature rise of 0.12c / decade. My response is – so what?

Sorry Deniers, Even Satellites Confirm Record Global Warming

The planet just had its hottest 12 months on record.

The people who deny the facts of climate science for a living have had a really tough time recently.
For years they had been dining off the “there’s been no warming since 1998” talking point. But that one was mortally wounded when 2014 became the hottest year on record — and then it died entirely when 2015 blew away the 2014 record. And now a stake is being driven through the heart of this vampire again and again as…

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NC Can Enforce Its ‘VOTER ID LAW’

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SilenceDogood2010's Blog

A worker carries a sign that will be displayed at a polling place that will inform voters of the new voter ID law that goes into effect in 2016 at the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections warehouse in Charlotte 2016 at the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections warehouse in Charlotte, North Carolina November 3, 2014. REUTERS/Chris Keane (UNITED STATES – Tags: POLITICS)

My buddy Bart sent me his thoughts on this battle between North Carolina & the ‘Federales’. It is fairly simple too.

Here’s how it would work…

Governor Pat McCrory issues an Executive Order directing the NC State Board of Elections to proceed with SL2013-381 as written. Bart even wrote up a Sample template for the governor to go by:


Proposed Executive Order

From the Office of the Governor of the Great State of North Carolina – For Immediate Release


WHEREAS, the U.S. Constitution plainly states that the federal judiciary has certain limitations on what it can, and can not do. Article III, Section 2, Clause 2 states that any case in which a ‘State’, or any of its ‘Public Ministers’ is…

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Hey, Associated Press? @WRAL? You Missed A Mug Shot

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Sometimes, you have to look just a bit beyond the basics to find out what’s really going on. However, most media types are lazy and have their own agenda. Why research to see what the REAL story is when the fake story is far more interesting?


WRAL has an article via the Associated Press about the recent changes to the North Carolina voter ID law.  The star of their story is one Charise Dill who claims to be ‘disenfranchised’:

Charise Dill, 25, of Henderson County said in a sworn statement she was twice refused photo IDs at DMV offices. She said she was working two jobs and going to community college and couldn’t afford a photo ID. DMV workers told her she couldn’t get a free ID, she said.

“It was an embarrassing experience and I do not want to experience that again; no one should have to go through this to get an ID to vote,” Dill said. Press Millen, an attorney representing individuals suing in state court, said the “landscape has changed tremendously” with the changes.

I’m sure that was embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as missing some details about Charise Dill, including Ms. Dill’s arrest record…

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Are Americans Taxed Fairly?

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Skip Tracing for the newbie

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We’ve been using a couple of cool techniques to track down deadbeat parents, errant debtors and similar. One of these is the use of a spoof card. What the spoof card does is it allows you to change the Caller ID that is shown on the phone. For example, let’s say you want to prank your friends and have them think you’re in a luxury resort in Palm Springs. You look up a phone number for the resorts in Palm Springs, find one you like and use the spoof card to call your buds. When you call, you will insert the resort phone number when prompted by the cool spoof card system. Your buds will see the resort number and area code when they glance at their caller id. You can run a long way with that kind of prank! Now, think about using spoofing when you’re trying to track down someone…

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Getting a Virtual Assistant into action

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We’ve been using VAs from eLance for ages. For the most part, they are pretty reliable and they do great work for a fraction of what you’d pay for a full-time assistant/resource. This article (below) was found that is right on target for those interested in seeking out help from elance.

When you’re in need of a fabulous virtual assistant, it’s important that you choose the right one. After all, you’ll probably be working together quite a bit in the future, so ensuring that the match is well made is important. Below are some tips for ensuring that you’re choosing the best virtual assistant on Elance.

Create a List – Make a list of all the things you’ll need your virtual assistant to handle for you. This can be used for collecting your own thoughts as well as letting potential bidders know what you’re looking for. Whether it’s just emails being answered or a great deal more, it will help you find the right VA. Then, post your project on Elance.

Compare Qualities – As the freelancers submit proposals on the virtual assistant job, compare the different features and qualities with the prices they’ve listed. This will help you determine which virtual assistant is the right one for you. Narrow your choices down to a few different VA’s, and contact them via Elance’s phone system.

Speak with Them Personally – It’s important to speak with your narrowed-down choices before you hire one. This will give you a little bit more information as to the personality of the virtual assistants and which one you would be most likely to work well with. Ask them questions, including what hours they’re available for work, how quickly they’d be able to respond to e-mails, if there are any hours or days they are not available and anything else that you need to know in order to hire them.

Set a Trial Period – Create a small trial period with the VA you’re most considering hiring. It might be one day or a few hours’ worth of work. This will really give you the chance to see your virtual assistant in action and will allow you to determine whether he or she really is the right one for you. It may also give the VA the chance to see whether working for you is something he or she really wants to do. Offer to pay them for the work, of course, and see how it goes.

In conclusion, by creating a list of the things you need, comparing the qualities of the virtual assistants, speaking with them personally and setting a trial period, you can really narrow down your choices. By taking these steps, you can ensure that you’re hiring the most dynamic virtual assistant for your needs and your own personality.

Kristi Patrice Carter, J.D. is an experienced Internet marketer and content provider whose mission is to provide valuable content online. Learn how Kristi leverages the talents of other qualified individuals on Elance.com, the leading online marketplace for online talent. Visit http://kpcwriting.elance.com today!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kristi_Patrice_Carter



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