A Quick Comparison: Herman Cain and Barry Obama

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Let’s consider two candidates for President, as things stand today. Many people are already entrenched in their positions and will steadfastly defend their preferred candidate. This is typical, especially as the news media helps to sway people to one candidate and alienate them from others.

As a conservative blogger, one could easily decry that I am showing favoritism with this comparison. Well, that may be true. I do try to employ logic in many decisions which tends to reveal a more conservative approach. Therefore, a candidate which I favor would have to present to me more logical solutions to issues which I believe affect me and those around me. When making a broad spectrum decision, I also believe that the emotional aspect should be tamed since an impassioned decision can be amended based upon a change in emotion. If facts are presented clearly and remain static, then a logical approach is favored.

With this in mind, I started comparing two of the candidates for President in 2012. I do offer some humor but this humor is also founded in fact. Please feel free to comment on this information as I do intend for it to invoke thoughtful discussion.

B. Obama

Skilled Reader (of Teleprompter)

Chicago Politics Survivor

Never held a free market job in the US (doesn’t understand the inner workings of our economy)

Has not been a leader (save for Harvard Law medium)

Favors strong central government and limited free enterprise

H. Cain

Skilled Orator (does not need teleprompter to sound intelligent)

Cancer survivor

Held many free market jobs  (such as Godfather’s pizza CEO)

Led multiple organizations in executive capacity

Favors limited Federal government and free enterprise

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